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"This is a children's place and we move at a child's pace."  

-Lisa Murphy





Our Schedule is not run by the clock.  When children get deep into play, we move things back to accommodate their exploration.  We do provide a predictable flow so that children know what is to come next. 

Here is a sample of how our day moves:


  • Arrival
  • Class Meeting
  • Play
  • Clean Up
  • Meeting/ Large Group
  • Snack
  • Library
  • Small Groups
  • Outside Classroom
  • Reflection
  • Dismissal

 Watch how Learning Takes Place at our School!


Parma Preschool is a family owned and operated private preschool.  Although established in 1972, the current owner and director, Kim Surniak, is currently in her 17th year at Parma Preschool.  

Our school focuses on the Reggio-Emilia Approach which incorporates important components such as community collaboration (and family engagement), emergent curriculum, projects, the arts, documentation, and the importance of classroom environment. 



 ALL our staff members are certified in 

  • CPR & AED
  • Child Abuse Recognition
  • Communicable Disease Recognition
  • First Aid

All staff members at Parma Preschool are committed to the Reggio Philosophy and are part of the Ohio Voices for Learning Cleveland study group.  They attend inservice trainings and often take additional college classes to further their understanding of child development, curriculum development and early childhood education.  

All our lead teachers have at least a bachelors degree though many are continuing their education.  In addition to attending inservice trainings the staff also present at conferences state wide!