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Class Choices

Preschool for 3-year-olds

These classes were created for young 3 year olds (will turn three in May, June, July, August or September) who are ready to experience their first group situation away from their parents.  Yearly goals for these classes include peer interaction, learning to follow a routine, and becoming comfortable with separation from parents. 


                                                                                                                                          Monthly Tuition                       UPK Monthly Tuition 

Grasshopper Class                 Thursday & Friday        9:00-11:00                                           $155                                          $103.85


Mixed Age Preschool  

Children ages 3, 4, and 5 may enroll in one of these classes.  Having all ages in class together allows children to learn from each other and become teachers themselves.  Younger children watch the older children follow the rules and interact appropriately.  The older children strive to become great leaders and enjoy helping their peers learn the routines.  Both of these classes benefit from regular Kindermusik and Gymnastics classes.


                                                                                                                                                Monthly Tuition                       UPK Monthly Tuition

Dragonfly Class            Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday                       9:00-11:00                       $210                                   $140.70

Squirrel Class               Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday                        9:00-11:00                       $210                                    $140.70



Our Pre-K program focuses on Kindergarten preparation.  Children planning to enroll in Kindergarten next school year would benefit from this class.  We spend little time on learning routines and rules and jump right into the children’s interests and start projects.  The children in this class are usually second or third year students at Parma Preschool.  Pre-K classes benefit from weekly Gymnastics and Kindermusik classes.


                                                                                                                                                                 Monthly Tuition          UPK Monthly Tuition

Salamander Class        Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday          9:00- 11:30am                     ODE - income based

Blue Heron Class         Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday          12:30-3:00                           ODE - income based

Cardinal Class              Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday          12:30-3:00                           ODE - income based

Blue Jay Class             Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                        12:30- 3:00                            $250                     $167.50                

Tuition is calculated yearly and divided into monthly amounts for your convenience. Tuition at our school is based on our quality rating from Step Up To Quality, our National Accreditation status and includes gymnastics and Kindermusik.