Imagine a school where…

  • Children create the curriculum
  • Teachers do not give answers, but help children find them
  • Nature is valued
  • Families are viewed as valuable resources who contribute to the curriculum, organize family events and are part of the learning process
  • Teachers consider each child’s learning style and individual goals
  • Play is valued and documented to show the learning process

Parma Preschool is a family owned and operated part-time (half day) private preschool for children ages three to five.  We are licensed through the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.  We offer 7 different class choices:

Grasshopper Class   Thursday, Friday       9:00-11:00

Squirrel Class      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday         9:00-11:00

Cardinal Class   Monday, Tuesday, Wed, Thurs.       12:30- 3:00

5 day a week Morning Classes   9:00- 11:30 (Salamander & Cricket Classes)

5 day a week Afternoon Classes 12:30- 3:00   (Blue Heron & Robin Classes)

For prices and more information, please visit the “Enroll” page.